By: benoseiannang | February 19, 2018

What is left signifies prove of existence and provides hope of becoming full again. There are so many occurrences in life every now and then.

Moving through life, you will realize sometimes you get down to a very low level. Other times too, you lose a lot of great things which was held very dear to you.  In all, one major question which helps in situation like that is; what is left?

In most instances, if you can identify a piece of the old that remained, you will immediately have a clue on how to build up from there.

Keep in mind that whatever you have now, even if it is very little in size is very significant in getting you back up.

Whatever you have left has two thing it gives you. They are;

·  Hope of a better tomorrow


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By: benoseiannang | July 18, 2017

Do you need that make up? Do you need that many clothes? Do you need this or that? When you one day  look in the mirror and smiles but still see an angry face looking right into your eye, that is old age catching. 

The charm of beauty vanishes into the thin air. When you are old, with that wrinkles on your body, that’s when you become bored hearing the body lotion advert for smooth skin. 

When your natural legs begin to fail you, when a stick becomes your third leg, you realize your strength is stepping aside. When your teeth are gone, that is when the pizza delivery man angers you. When you studied your body and your six packs has transformed into one pack, you will wonder why you spent all those time at the gym trying ...

By: benoseiannang | July 18, 2017

You are a great person and you know it. You know you need to start something today but why are you hesitating?

Is it pride?

Some many people find themselves at the receiving end of painful regret especially in their old age. Pride is a great tool to lure people off their destiny. 
When pride gets in the way, who you think you are doesn’t allow you to be who you need to be. You think you are good looking so you want to enjoy your life. When your gook looking is lost, how will you survive? These things are temporary. 

A time is coming your temporal endowments will be no more and the time you decided to follow your beauty or strength instead of your dream will begin to haunt you.


Is it procrastination?

Procrastination exposes...

By: benoseiannang | July 18, 2017

Your life is your time and what you do creates moments within the period. Capability at a point in time depends on the moment (time) in life you have reached.

Each and every one on this planet has something unique that adds to his existence to make him or her special. But ignoring your purpose for comfort hinders a successful living.

Your destiny does not come to make you but rather you need to work hard and make your destiny worth having. 


When you are sleeping, time is running out. When you follow friends to do thing contrary to your goals and aspirations in life, time runs out. And a time will come, that valuable gift you think you have will be useless because the needed strength and discipline required was only available in ...

By: benoseiannang | July 18, 2017

If you walk through a sunny day holding a mirror and a sheet of paper, nothing will happen but if you concentrate the sun's rays critically on the piece of paper, it catches fire. 

This means in life we have all we need to succeed and some people are aware of this but the thing is we forget that we also need all we have got in order to achieve our dreams to the fullest.

What we have is very significant but what is more important is what we do with what we have. Getup do something with the little you think you possess and you will be amazed how big you can make it in life.