By: benoseiannang | May 01, 2018

Everybody wants to be successful. That is the mind-set right from birth. Even a child whose mind is not well developed will tell you he or she wants to become someone great in the future. Why? 
Because there is a genius in every little one of us. Our minds conceive great things even at that tender age. But there are just a handful of successful men and women in our communities. Where did all those kids with great vision go? What happened to them? 

There is a great mystery to unravel. Success is not just something you wish and you have it. It is fiercer than a battlefield. In this life if you want to succeed, oppressors will oppress you, barriers will be built in your way and obstacles will be thrown at you. Criticisms will be aimed ...

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By: benoseiannang | April 24, 2018

In life, there is always a destination prepared ahead of us. It is somewhere we are yet to go and it takes only a few to be able rise above all odds to get to such destination. Life is a journey and the fact that you are alive makes you have the ability to reaches the greatness of life.

It takes only one percent of the world’s population to get there. It is very tough to fight your up but it is worth it.

Whenever you dream of doing something, you create a destination right then. It is therefore your responsibility to make sure you get there. Know that the difficulty is there to prove whether you really deserve what you yearn for.

It is just a measure to separate the many pleasure seekers for the success minded few. To succeed, you need pr...

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By: benoseiannang | April 19, 2018

There comes a time in life that you mess up so badly that you know very well that should be the end of your life. Practically you see yourself doomed because that may be the same point people got to and broke down. That may be where the mighty fell. But coincidentally, miraculously, luckily or whatever you may term it, you seem to escape the consequences of your actions.

At that moment, you feel like you are the luckiest man on earth. You feel the relief, the freedom and the joy of a new beginning. It is now a sign. Today you have entered the depth of darkness and have managed to see light. Irrespective of how bad things got, somehow, someway, you managed to escape. Let that be a lesson.

You made it today but tomorrow might not be your day...

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By: benoseiannang | April 12, 2018

No matter how tough an exam may be, it will surely be over because the moment the bell rings for start work, stop work is just around the corner. Life is such a way that once a while we feel that pain, regret or disappointment so deep like a fresh wound. It hurts so badly that we feel like we can’t even live another moment with it.

But with time, it will just fly away. It will be displaced by another thing and it will feel like you never had the pain. You might be going through a lot today, hold on and let time heal your wound. Never make a decision that you will regret some time to come because your pain won’t last.

Life has never been smooth. You need to enjoy the good times and endure the bad times. That is how to survive. Never let t...

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By: benoseiannang | April 12, 2018

There comes a certain time that you become so serious with your life and you set so many goals which you are ready to commit to. In the quest to self fulfillment, it is most of the time very likely that you may meet one great challenge which seem stronger than you are.

With most people, this is where they lose focus. They begin to forget how their dreams look like and what their principles were. Sometimes, the very thing we thought we could not resist are the ones that are able to steal our focus and determination.  

It is very easy to distract a dog with a bone because it believes that seeing a bone creates a great opportunity for it to enjoy. Therefore no matter where it is going or what it is doing, the desire for tasting the bone...

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