This book is about an orphan who struggled through life from infancy to strive through all disappointments, criticisms and neglect to reach an enviable milestone. He was raised up by an Old man who inspired him in diverse ways to push him towards greater heights in life.

It is a story to inspire anybody to break all odds in life and pursue your dream with all serious and faith. If you are looking for something interesting and Inspirational, then this is the book for you. Enjoy a great story and get inspired at the same time.


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This book is written with the sole aim of lifting up the hopes of as many people it could reach. So many people are stuck in life and they do not know where to turn to. With the help of this book, such people will be able to stand up strong and pursue their goals in life.

This book presents the knowledge behind the success of the few people we find in our world. It is a book that is written to cause a change in the way of thinking, lifestyle and the world at large. It holds so many keys to thousands of closed doors. It took so many months to study the secrets of success.

The very thing that makes great men great. Just a message from it could cause a permanent change in your life. All you need to do is give it a try and your life will never be the same. Knowledge is power and to wield it you need to read it. It is my hope that after reading this book, whatever you need to boost your life to the next level will be attained. Thank you and enjoy success.


This book basically talks about how valuable life is. It establishes the 60:40 rule as a concept which when followed in life, will ensure better living. So many people are living lives they shouldn’t live and are doing things they shouldn’t do just because they don’t know how valuable their lives are. The value of life is critically analyzed here and after reading this book, your life will never be the same.

The Black war was the fiercest battle in the Mainlands which caused so many people to be displaced. Some survivors who were fortunate to escape settled in the middle of two valley and called it the Mid-Valley.

Sam Ghart grew up there but his dream goes beyond the village. Sam was known for his  heroic intervention which made him a close friend of Prince Lodius, the Prince of Akainia.

He met Bob, a carpenter’s son and Frey, a scientist from Akainia and together, they embarked on a journey to discover what lies beyond the ocean. They believed that life could be much more than living in the Mainlands.

Enjoy the adventure and inspiration as the story rolls.