Quotes to  brighten your day

BX Quotes

Plans are always ideal, untested and uncertain. Don't give up when they fail, just adjust the and move on.
Work Hard Every day towards your dream because time wasted is life wasted. Your success has a time limit
Life has never been smooth. you need to enjoy the good times and endure the bad times. That is how to survive.
Sometimes, the very things we thought we could not resist are the ones that are able to steal our focus and determination.
Get over your fears. Be courageous and take the bold step. You only stand a chance if you attempt.
There is away. Find it and succeed no matter what.
Keep aimong, Keep shooting, One day you will hit your target. Never give up.
Never let the barrier prevent you from achieving your goal. you've got to jump over it, pass beneath it or break your way in. Keep moving forward.